Jesse Phillips-Fein

Jesse Phillips-Fein is a Brooklyn-based dancer, choreographer, dance educator and producer of multi-genre shows. Her choreography dissects how large forces affect the fabric of the individual life, exploring the manners in which personal and political meet. She brings attention to how power is created, maintained, and justified, through examining its manifestations in , on, and through the body. The goal of her work is to create visceral experiences to question the status quo and wake us up.

 Upcoming Performances: 
      z o    n     e
Friday , Saturday or Sunday 
December 6th-8th, 2013 
at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange 
421 5th Ave at 8th Street in Park Slope

z o   n    e is the unholy trinity of drone warfare, Positive Thinking, and adidas commericals.  With perfomers A. Nia Austin-Edwards, John Guitierrez, Benjamin Lundberg, Gyrchel Moore & Efeya Sampson.

 'z o  n   e' is a dance of reckoning, an examination of our mental and physical strategies for living in an “post-crisis” era, where catastrophe (both economic and ecological) is normal and killing is pre-emptive and clean.  The piece is based in research on drone warfare, Positive Thinking affirmations, and adidas commercials, all of which deploy the twinned rhetorics of mind and military power.  Movement is derived from working out, weaponry, and survival tactics, creating bodies that are dead, deadly, but also consumable and deeply adored.  The work grapples with how violence becomes incorporated into ourselves when it is outsourced, re-branded, and thus hidden in plain sight.