Jesse Phillips-Fein

Jesse Phillips-Fein is a Brooklyn-based dancer, choreographer, dance educator and producer of multi-genre shows. Her choreography dissects how large forces affect the fabric of individual lives, exploring the manners in which personal experience and political context meet. She brings attention to how power, both in domination and in defiance, is created, maintained, and re-claimed by examining its manifestations in, on, and through our bodies.

 Upcoming Performances: #blur

Premieres at Triskelion Arts:
Friday January 9th & Sunday January 11th, 2015
#blur traverses interwoven layers of the corporeal and technological, excavating the correlation of sight and power through the terms of the choreographer/dancer relationship. By controlled disruptions of visuality, we enter states of connection and disassociation with quiet urgency and subtle danger.  With two casts who do not meet until the performances, #blur is an unpredictable world which challenges us to consider how witness when we see too much and see nothing at all.
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